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Our 'Classic' follicle stimulating oil is a lightweight oil blend that promotes healthy follicles. Use lightly on thinning or overly dry areas and watch how easily it is absorbed by thirsty strands. Using a blend of super oils including Hempseed oil, Black seed, & Safflower Flourish is packed with omega 3, 6, & 9 lipids to ensure optimum health of the scalp.


Our Mint Zing follicle stimulating oil is perfect for the muse with scalp concerns. Infused with Zinc and menthol, enjoy the tingle as the zinc addresses the flakes and itchiness.

DISCLAIMER: Products are infused with herbs and essential oils. If you are allergic to these types of items please don't use the product as we will not be held liable or responsible for illness or allergic reaction. Please read instructions and always do a 24 hour skin test to check for any allergic reactions.

Follicle Stimulator

  • While we can not guarantee all clients will experience hair growth. However, we can guarantee that this oil will keep your scalp moisturized when moisture is needed most. This product will only be effective for ACTIVE hair follcles.

  • Squeeze the dropper to retrieve oil in the dropper bottle. Lightly dab dropper tip onto areas where desired moisture is needed. Squeezing the dropper is not needed as that will administer too much oil. Use sparingly as needed!

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