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Muse Motivation:The Introduction/ What is Phenom Muse?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Anybody down for a quick informative read? Well not so much educational informative but more along the lines of "Get To Know Me" informative; and it probably won't be quick either tbh. Firstly my name is Shanyse (pronounced Shuh-neese NOT Shah-neese for those wondering lol) I am from Sicklerville, N.J. I'm currently 28 years old a mother of 2 amazing daughters and I own Phenom Muse LLC & Phenom Muse Salon located in Somerdale, N.J.

Now that we got that out of the way I can answer all the frequently asked questions about what Phenom Muse is/means. Honestly, there are a few meanings for Phenom Muse. A Phenom is someone who is highly intelligent; an artist; someone who has outstanding abilities. While used as a noun a Muse is someone who gives artistic inspiration, but as a verb it means "to reflect deeply". The names definitions themselves embody who I am as an everyday person I am a Phenom and a Muse in all aspects, my stylist/client connection (my clients/customers inspire me but I also inspire them) the titles are interchangeable, and Lastly a call to action for everyone to find their truest self and Love themselves. It's saying "Hey Phenom (all of us) lets self reflect and think about everything let's BE INTENTIONAL."

The Blush Roses & Sunflowers are more than an aesthetic. When Blush roses are given it is said that the recipient is held at a high regard. Sunflowers known as Happy flowers signify adoration, loyalty and longevity.

Initially Phenom Muse was just hair extensions (bundles) and my hair oil "Flourish". I hadn't expected to open a salon until I was well into my 30s but my mentor saw a potential in me, groomed me, and BOOM here I am 28 with a salon. I started loving hair at a rather early age, somewhere around 8 was when I committed to this industry. I knew this was where I belonged so it's no surprise that I'm sitting here typing this blog living the life I dreamt of over 20 years ago! I never had a plan B to be honest. So here I am ready to give everyone who's interested a sneak peek on what's behind the mystery of Shanyse "Phenom.SDK" Kee. I pray people receive my blogs with love as they will all come from a place of genuine love and vulnerability. Stay tuned for new blog posts

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