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Detangling Day Tips

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

It’s detangling day! The way we focus on ourselves is the same way we should be focusing on our hair care. In between your visits to the salon, spend the day giving your hair a good wash, condition, and detangle!

Bye bye breakage! Some of you may experience breaking and shedding which, we admit, can be a little scary. With our Tangle Tamer Brush, you will start to see minimal breakage. Our brush allows for easy flexibility which reduces that tug and pull that you would typically experience with a regular comb. Yes, it’s possible!

Don’t forget to seal the deal with our Flourish Follicle Stimulator. This serum moisturizes and further strengthens your hair giving you a healthier look and feel to your crown. It’s time to get you thriving!

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