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Loc'd 365 Q&A

Wow so the year has literally flown by since I made the decision to loc my hair. Over these 365 days I got some pretty good (and some ridiculous) questions. So I figured I'd compile the most asked here and answer them publicly.

Q: What made you loc' your hair?

A: I always wanted to start my locs after I was done doing different styles with my hair. But what really inspired me to start them was seeing the health and growth of my Fiancé's locs after maintaining them for over a decade.

Q: How often do you "wash"/ retwist your hair?

A: I shampoo and condition my locs monthly, steam weekly, and oil every other day. I honestly retwist my hair whenever I get time which is convenient cuz I can just brush my hair into my signature messy bun. (it adds height 😏)

Q: How has this year been for you?

A: This year has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I really had a chance to love and embrace what I look like and how my hair grows out of my scalp. It's also been such a great experience spiritually. One thing I would say is I definitely couldn't tell my hair what to do it just did its own thing which gave me so much time to focus on other things.

Q: What technique did you use to start your locs?

A: I did a set of damp finger coils to start and just let them frizz and go.

Q: How many locs do you have?

A: Starting off I didn't really count them good but I combined and separated a few over the year, so I officially have 84 locs total.

Q: What are some of your favorite styles?

A: Of course my signature messy bun... that will always be my go to but most times I just let it do whatever its wants. Whatever it's serving for the day is what I normally go with.

Q: What products would you recommend?

A: So I only really used water, aloe vera, and my own product flourish for regular maintenance. However I have been mixing up some fun products to test out for all my Loc'd Muses out there. Stay Tuned to see what the collection includes 😘🧚🏾‍♀️✨

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