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Monday Motivation

The mantra for this past week was “I use my words to build, because I know how it feels to be broken”. WOW! This resonates so much. A lot of times, when we’re down, it’s easy to dwell on the not so great parts of our situation. When this happens, we find ourselves feeling stuck for longer than we would like. This mantra is all about changing your mindset and allowing yourself to feel those positive vibes. It can be very beneficial to take what you’ve learned through hard times, and apply it to becoming a better you. By speaking this mantra every day, and even throughout the day, you’ll begin to see a shift in your world. Use your past to build your future!

We would love to hear about what helped you progress and grow! Leave a comment below with the mantras that have worked for you and that you feel others can use in their daily routine. During these hard times, we could all share the love.

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