Sis DON'T Be Dry! Here's 5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Hydrated This Summer!

🥰 Ahh favorite season.

Great weather, great vibes, and of course my favorite holiday -- my birthday (July 12th)!

Summer for me is nonstop fun and the last thing I want to worry about is slowing down to keep my hair from being DRY. I stan glowing skin and healthy hair so I could never leave my muses high and dry, right? So I made a list of tricks & tips I've been doing since the beginning of time to keep my hair hydrated! Like to hear it, here it go:

TIP #1: Drink some water & mind your business.

The first step in keeping your hair hydrated is simple...DRINK WATER! You are literally 60% water so it only makes sense to drink water to create hydration from the inside out. It's recommended to have 8 glasses of water a day; Which sounds like a alot but do you want healthy hydrated hair or not?

Ok then 🌊 .

So get your sip on love, because it doesn't matter how many products you decided throw in your hair. Remember -- the moisture starts within muse!

TIP #2: Deep condition regularly.

Deep Condition Yo' strands girl! Deep conditioning in the summer time is rule number 1 after rule number 1 hun! It's like externally drinking water lol. Use a thick and rich conditioner to make sure you are serving your hair hydration on a silver platter.

Check the product's ingredient list for avocado oil, jojoba oil, shea butter/ shea nut oil, aloe vera, or glycerin in the first 5 ingredients to ensure you're quenching your curls thirst. Do this bi-weekly while drinking water and watch the transformation.