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Sis DON'T Be Dry! Here's 5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Hydrated This Summer!

🥰 Ahh favorite season.

Great weather, great vibes, and of course my favorite holiday -- my birthday (July 12th)!

Summer for me is nonstop fun and the last thing I want to worry about is slowing down to keep my hair from being DRY. I stan glowing skin and healthy hair so I could never leave my muses high and dry, right? So I made a list of tricks & tips I've been doing since the beginning of time to keep my hair hydrated! Like to hear it, here it go:

TIP #1: Drink some water & mind your business.

The first step in keeping your hair hydrated is simple...DRINK WATER! You are literally 60% water so it only makes sense to drink water to create hydration from the inside out. It's recommended to have 8 glasses of water a day; Which sounds like a alot but do you want healthy hydrated hair or not?

Ok then 🌊 .

So get your sip on love, because it doesn't matter how many products you decided throw in your hair. Remember -- the moisture starts within muse!

TIP #2: Deep condition regularly.

Deep Condition Yo' strands girl! Deep conditioning in the summer time is rule number 1 after rule number 1 hun! It's like externally drinking water lol. Use a thick and rich conditioner to make sure you are serving your hair hydration on a silver platter.

Check the product's ingredient list for avocado oil, jojoba oil, shea butter/ shea nut oil, aloe vera, or glycerin in the first 5 ingredients to ensure you're quenching your curls thirst. Do this bi-weekly while drinking water and watch the transformation.

TIP #3: Lock in that moisture sis.

You definitely gotta lock in all the moisture you can girl.

Steaming while deep conditioning is the fastest way to get all those moisturizing ingredients pushed up into your hair shaft and locked in. The heat from the steam opens up the cuticle of your strands making it easier to absorb any extra moisture. Everyone doesn't own a steamer so if you haven't already don't make that huge investment.

It's all good -- just warm your deep conditioner and apply it while in a steamy bathroom.

TIP #4: Apply Flourish Oil with a LOC/LCO Method. Ehh..this one I could be biased about, but I would never suggest anything that I don't personally use on myself or my clients. All of Phenom Muse hair care products are guaranteed to have positive results, and help our muses flourish on their healthy hair journey. So because this particular product is such a hit, it's a must I add it to this list.

Have you ever heard of the 'LOC Method'? It's a technique for locking in moisture by applying leave in conditioner, oil, and a cream or custard.

Phenom Muse's Flourish Growth Oil, a hydration powerhouse that helps you focus on the oil part of the LOC method, blended to perfection with natural ingredients intended to

penetrate and seal in moisture simultaneously in each drop. Use Flourish as your oil in your LOC method to not only add moisture, but to also stimulate your follicles and encourage growth in healthy follicles.

A little definitely goes a long way!

Tip #5. Leave it alone girl! Get ready to slay some tension free braids, faux locs, & feed ins all summer sis, because protective styling is the ultimate major key. By reducing heat and putting your hair in a protective style, it's easy to maintain the previous hair care tips we talked about earlier. These styles not only make life a lot easier to get up and go, but they make the LOC method a breeze on wash day.

So we're talking some poppin knotless braids, feed ins or if you're not a braid girl u can still treat those Meek Mills under your wig sis.

Back in the day if we got our hair wet while swimming (or playing in water) it was hell to pay when our moms found out. Detangling was a headache literally! Before you take a nose dive into the pool unprotected, coat your hair in some oil to create a barrier from chlorine or saltwater. Both chlorine and saltwater dry our hair out quickly. So to create a protective barrier prior to swimming, and then doing a thorough rinse and condition/cowash (for less stress, detangle using our Tangle Tamer) after is imperative.

Listen, I don't want to shoot anyone's dreams of being the black little mermaid down, but if you skip this step you're on your own sis because I WARNED YOU! Otherwise get a swim cap to save yourself the stress.

That's all for this list on how to keep your hair hydrated this summer. Be sure to start from the top and commit to healthy hair care. It seems like a lot but honestly its not, try it one day & set intentions to commit to your hair care. Outside is open and I want to see healthy hydrated hair in your selfies!

Don't let me down muses. You got this!

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